To eradicate the social evils like corruption, drug addiction etc. it is necessary to develop a strong feeling of patriotism among youths of the country. It is of paramount importance to channelize the energies of our young generation is such a way that they may utilies their value able time in nation - building tasks. The samiti has been carrying out researches on our martyrs. and publishing literature on our national heroes so that the minds of our young generation may be ignited with the spank of love of nation. The first and foremost objective of the samiti is to develop a feeling of "nation first".

Function of the Samiti:-

  • To bring to light the lives of popular as well as not so popular Marty is of the country.
  • Renovate the memorials built for the Martyrs.
  • To maintain the memorial of Martyrs.
  • To publish literatim on martyrs in simple and easy language.
  • To nurture time feeling of love of nation by holding art gallery on martyrs.
  • To provide opportunity to youths to visit natural heritage sites and historical places.

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