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  • Hearty congratulations for the exhibition in highly appreciable and inspiring way for the unknown and uncelebrated martyrs.

    - Sahib Singh, Ex.Chief Minister, Govt. of Delhi.
  • Sh. Ravi Chand Gupta is not only repaying the debt we owe to our immortal martyrs by bringing to light their ultimate sacrifice for the nation, he is also creating a great heritage for the present as well as upcoming generations so that deep sense of patriotism and self sacrifie may be developed in them. I earnestly request Govt. of Delhi to provide a permanent corner at Rajghat for the exhibition on our martyrs.

    - S.S. Yadav, General Secretary, INA Committee
  • Most Unique Collection arouses the feelings of patriotism and great respect for our martyrs, specially the child-martyrs. I congratulate and thanks Sh. Ravi Chandra Gupta the founder of "Shaheed Samiti Chetna Samiti" for his historic contribution.

    - Smt. Sheela Dixit, Ex. Chief Minister, Delhi
  • An inspiring exhibition ! organized and presented very beautifully. One gets to know very easily the history of the struggle for Indian independence and love of nation. Portraits made from own blood are thrilling.

    - Murli Manohar Joshi, Minister, HRD, Science & Technology and ocean development, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
  • Anyone gets thrilled by just having a look at the portrait exhibition on our martyres. Every child, adolescent or youth must watch this exhibition. We must remember for years, for centuries our martyrs who scrifieced everything for our nation. Congratulations to Sh. Ravi Chand Gupta & Shahid Smrity Chetna Samiti.

    - Jai Prakash Bharti, Nandan Hindustan Times
  • The portraits of our martyrs made by Shri Ravi Chand Gupta using his own blood, is the true tribute to them. Exhibition on martyrs organized by Shahid Chetna Samiti is the best source of inspiration for the people of India as well as upcoming generation. I wish such exhibitions are organized in every nook and corner of the country.

    - Dr. S.C.Vats, MLA Govt. of Delhi.