Be the member of the Samiti-
Be a part of the National Programmes and get the honour of paying off the Nation-debt.

Membership subscription

Inspirational Patron Rs. 11,000
Lifelong Rs. 1100
General young gallant Rs. 100 per year
  • You can also start the public awareness movement by buying the whole exhibition yourself or with the help of an organisation.
  • Contact us for putting martyrs painting exhibition in schools or organisations which are in your contact.
  • Buy martyrs’ literature from the Samiti and keep in your personal library. Read yourself and give it to others to read.
  • Hang at least one painting of a martyr (of any gender) in your house. You can take paintings from the Samiti.  
  • Buy CD of brave martyrs and show it to your children.
  • Be a member of the Samiti and make your children ‘young gallant members’ of the Samiti.
  • Give financial assistance to the Samiti and get the honour of paying off the Nation-debt

You can serve the nation by donating little.

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