The Only Organisation in India

This is the only organisation in the entire country which has been publishing literature on the anonymous, popular, unpopular, brave men and women martyrs, and child and young martyrs, since the British Period after due search and research. Not only this, it has also been making untiring efforts to create a martyr portrait gallery out of that literature, and make the saga, sacrifice and the message of those martyrs reach the public through mobile martyr museum. It is because:

  • Who remembers the martyrs, who reads about them?
  • They died for the county, weren't they true gems?
  • They gave their Mother India an unchained life,
  • They were hung, they were beaten and cut with swords and knife,
  • So their stories of sacrifice and martyrdom must be known to all,
  • But who has time to read about them and their call?
  • Thus, the mobile martyr museum itself comes to you,
  • To explain the saga of sacrifices, martyrdom and bravery to you!

Shaheed-Samriti Chetna Samiti has the honour of being called a builder of the nation for making the youth aware of our glorious Indian history and inculcating national and moral values in them. Now, the Samiti is determined to carry the message of nation building to all the states of the country.

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